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My Work Experience at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

I am writing this to tell you what it was like to work at the council, and how they make the community more fun and safe, especially for young people.

For one thing, I have done a lot of work surrounding the organisation and promotion of the ‘Big Summer’ series of events, lasting from 1st – 25th August 2019. This work includes information input into the events calender on the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council website, organising bags from last year’s events so they can be reused for this year and promoting the campaign on notice boards around the Council building and the Campus West Library in Welwyn Garden City. This is done so that children of all ages can get out of the house to play and learn this summer with our many events being run in the Welwyn Hatfield area, such as stories for toddlers at the library or aquatic obstacle courses at Stanborough. 

In addition, I have also done some data input surrounding the feedback for Crucial Crew, a community safety partnership that teaches Year 6 students in primary school about potentially dangerous scenarios they may face, such as Railway, Fire and E-Safety. Having been there myself when I was in Year 6, I can now see how important it is to keep the children engaged, so they can learn what to do and not to do these situations.

I also got to go to a few meetings, one involving nearby Oaklands College, in the organisation of a memorial day in January. This is so that local secondary schools can present and learn about the tragedies of the Holocaust and the Bosnian War. Education like this allows kids in secondary school to learn important parts of history while adding a small amount of creativity as well.

Overall, my time here has been insightful and fun and i have learnt a lot about work in an office environment and the organisation of events in the Welwyn Hatfield community. I would happily work here again.

Written by Spencer Robertson, Y11 2018/19, Dame Alice Owen’s School


Author: WelwynHatfieldYouthCouncil

We discuss, debate and take action on issues that matter to young people within Welwyn Hatfield.

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