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Visit from the Mayor

On the 4th July the youth council were lucky enough to meet Roger Trigg, the Mayor of Welwyn and Hatfield. In the meeting, we got to explain to him, who we are and our aims as a youth council. He said it’s really important to have a Youth council and seemed very interested in what we had to say!

We also got the chance to ask him questions about his role and priorities. The charity he is supporting is potential kids which is a mental health charity. He chose this specific charity because it is less well known and focuses on neurodiversity. Roger feels as though he can really help make a difference for potential kids and we would like to help him by promoting the charity on our social media pages.

When asked what he thinks the biggest concern for young people, he stated that county lines is becoming a big issue in the Borough. This is when a vulnerable child is groomed by a gang leader into trafficking their drugs for them in exchange for money, friendship and status. Most of us weren’t aware of the prevalence of county lines but Roger informed us of the seriousness. As a youth council, we will talk about helping vulnerable children and make sure that the statistics of these horrible occurrences lower.

We want to be more involved with the Mayor so we have invited him along to attend Herts Pride with us and he mentioned that he would be happy to make an appearance at any other events we are attend. This is brilliant publicity for WHYC and gives us a chance to work with the Mayor and learn along the way.

We are very grateful to have met the Mayor and it was a great experience to gain an insight on what it’s like to be a Mayor. It really broadened our minds about opportunity’s for the future!

  • Written by Laura Wells – Vice Chair of WHYC

Author: WelwynHatfieldYouthCouncil

We discuss, debate and take action on issues that matter to young people within Welwyn Hatfield.

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