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#justtalk ambassadors

On the 14th February me (Laura Wells) and Jack Hadley attended the #justtalk ambassadors training session which explained what our role as ambassadors would be, which Jack and I are keen to become.

The day started with a brief introduction to the excellent charity #justtalk. Then, Jen Beer gave a very insightful look into the concerns about mental health. Her talk was very helpful and made us all adopt a wider understanding about the topic.

Furthermore, Jack and I presented a PowerPoint about the youth council’s just talk campaign we launched last year. Not only did this help our peers with ideas on how to raise awareness, but this gave me and Jack the chance to practice speaking to a group of people about the topic.

Next, Lara McHale introduced to us the five ways to wellbeing and how this plays a huge part in keeping positive mental health. These consisted of: connecting, keeping learning, giving, being active and taking notice. These five ways can be used as guidelines as to what equates to a healthy mind. These can be interpreted in many ways depending on the individual. Some may see doing these five a day as being achievable whereas others may set themselves the goal to achieve the five over a week or a few days. It’s subjective to what the person feels they can do!

After all of the advice, guidance and direction from the day, Jack and I have decided to put together a presentation and show it to our school in order to educate and reach out to the children who need to hear it. Moreover, we were given many resources such as folders and posters to help us in developing our role as just talk ambassadors

It was a fantastic day and we both learnt so much! I can’t wait to start being an ambassador!


Author: WelwynHatfieldYouthCouncil

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