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Meet Our Members

Laura – Vice Chair of the Youth Council

“Mental health is a huge issue for young people at the moment. Youth council is a great place to express your opinion and help with campaigns to help with those suffering. We are able to help with fantastic campaigns such as the #JUSTTALK and the Unsaid Campaign” – Laura

Emily – Youth Councillor

“I love the Youth Council because it gives me a chance to voice my opinion in a nice open environment.” – Emily

Jack – Youth Councillor

“I joined the Youth Council to make a difference in young peoples lives.” – Jack

James – Youth Councillor

“I really like how we can decide what we want to happen to our community. It really makes us feel like we’re making a difference” -James

Ibrahim – Youth Councillor
Jasmine – Youth Councillor

“I joined the Youth Council because I want to make my voice heard and have a positive impact on our youth community.”

Honey – Youth Councillor
Nehal – Youth Councillor

“I joined the Youth Council because it feels good to make a difference to young people everywhere. Having my voice heard is what keeps me coming back every week.” – Nehal

Hannah – Youth Councillor

Beth – Chair of The Youth Council  
“I joined the youth council so I could gain new experience. It’s such an amazing thing to be part of because all the opportunities it offers and the lessons it teaches us. It also allows us to be heard and put forward our voices in the community. The youth council gives me something to be part of and I love being in it and getting to meet so many amazing people.”

Caitlin – Youth Councillor
“I joined the youth council as I believe all young people should be able to have a voice and give their say on the local community.
This is important particularly to me as I think there is a lot of subjects that need to be more widely spoken about i.e mental health. As it can could save someone’s life if they know they’re not alone.
The youth council has taught me so much and has given me a different perspective on the world. It is really nice to have somewhere to go so people’s voices are heard and listened to. In my opinion it makes me feel more confident.”

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