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Career Day at Bishops’

On Friday 7th June, year 9 at Bishops’ Hatfield Girls’ School had a whole day off timetable, dedicated to finding about options after GCSEs and potential job options.

There were many interactive activities arranged for us throughout the day. One of these was taking a test brought by Computacenter UK. Through this test we were able to see which jobs we may be interested in based on our personality. I found this interesting because I learned about jobs I hadn’t heard of or considered to be an option in the future.

As we are about to start our GCSEs, our options after GCSEs are important to know about. We heard about the benefits and the different work we would do at either college, sixth form or in an apprenticeship.

Another topic the day focused on was work experience. As in year 10 we will do work experience, we thought about the places we could work and why work experience is important. We learned how work experience helps us to develop key skills needed in a job, such as problem solving and time management.

We also were able to learn about the etiquette that should be used in job interviews as well as how to write a CV. This was an engaging topic because whilst we learn in school about the qualifications we need to get a job, we rarely are taught how to present ourselves to future employers

This day was beneficial to me because soon I will have to consider career options and the education I want after I take my GCSEs. I enjoyed the way the day was set out as we didn’t have to listen to a person speak about our futures for the whole day and were involved in activities. I think all schools should have a day similar to this where students can reflect on what they want to do in the future.

_ Jasmine Lidher


GCSE’s and Exam Stress

It is that time again and Year 11’s from all over the country have started their GCSE’s!

Exams, pressure and making sure we do well in our GCSE’s often puts a huge amount of pressure on us young people. Some people find it really difficult and struggle to deal with this pressure and stress. In the Welwyn Garden City town centre, the Natural Health shop is offering support and advice to anyone who needs it.

The Youth Council wishes you a HUGE good luck anyone taking their GCSE’s at the moment. This can be a really stressful time for everyone so make sure you get plenty of rest before any exam. It is important to keep drinking and eating well in order to have a ready, healthy mind in the exam room.

Even though this can be a challenging time, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Try your best; that’s all anyone can ask!