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Houses of Parliament

On the 16th July the Youth Council were extremely privileged to go to The Houses of Parliament. We met early in the morning to catch a train into London! When we arrived at Westminster, we were lucky enough to have a tour where we learnt a lot about the history of politics and how it’s changed over time. We even got to see the house of lords and ask questions about how debates run in this room!

After the tour, we met Grant Chapps, our local MP and he made us feel very welcome. We had a session with him in which we got to ask him questions which linked in with our priorities. Not only did he give us excellent, interesting answers, he asked us for our opinion too! This made us feel very important and professional as he cared about what we thought on the matters. The questions were on the environment, antisocial behaviour, LGBTQ+, young carers, youth democracy and mental health. We try to address these things at the youth council weekly so it was really interesting to get a politicians insight!

The trip really opened our minds to future careers and opportunities. it was an incredible experience we’ll never forget!


Homophobia and Objectification

Recently, on a London night bus, two women were abused in a violent homophobic attack. A group of young men must have seen the two women on a date together. They followed them onto the bus, pestered them and demanded that they kiss . When the women refused to kiss for them, the men began punching them vigorously.

The women were objectified and sexualised which is disgusting and unacceptable. Allegedly men tried to force them to kiss, however their refusal resulted in masses amounts of blood and tears. Sadly, it is very common for lesbians to be sexualised when this shouldn’t be the case.

Lesbians aren’t the only ones being treated like objects. A lot of women, even in the 21st century, are thought of as being something for men to look at. This is ridiculous as women are their own people and have many more qualities than their looks. Objectification stems from female oppression when women were thought of to be inferior to men.

It’s disgusting that people still think that they can treat women like objects as though their only purpose is to please men. An abundance of women are deprived of feeling safe when on the streets or on public transport as they are in fear of being cat called or objectified.

Everyone should be treated equally and is entitled to live in peace