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Houses of Parliament

On the 16th July the Youth Council were extremely privileged to go to The Houses of Parliament. We met early in the morning to catch a train into London! When we arrived at Westminster, we were lucky enough to have a tour where we learnt a lot about the history of politics and how it’s changed over time. We even got to see the house of lords and ask questions about how debates run in this room!

After the tour, we met Grant Chapps, our local MP and he made us feel very welcome. We had a session with him in which we got to ask him questions which linked in with our priorities. Not only did he give us excellent, interesting answers, he asked us for our opinion too! This made us feel very important and professional as he cared about what we thought on the matters. The questions were on the environment, antisocial behaviour, LGBTQ+, young carers, youth democracy and mental health. We try to address these things at the youth council weekly so it was really interesting to get a politicians insight!

The trip really opened our minds to future careers and opportunities. it was an incredible experience we’ll never forget!


Mental Health Support

Mental health problems can affect anyone. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues you can use the following websites for support:

Kooth is an online platform which provides counselling for children and young people. Counselling is safe, anonymous and free. Kooth is accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

You can access counselling from 12 noon to 10pm Monday to Friday. On weekends, you can speak with a counsellor from 6pm to 10pm.

You can visit the website here:

ChatHealth is a confidential text messaging service that enables young people to contact their local public health school nursing team. ChatHealth provides help with mental health as well as other issues such as alcohol, drugs and relationships

You are able to contact your school nursing team Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (except bank holidays).

You can text your school nursing team via this number: 07480 636050

YoungMinds Crisis

Young people can use this messenger service for support when experiencing a mental health crisis. You will speak to a trained volunteer, who will listen to your problems. They will help you to think through your feelings and aim to help you take the necessary steps to feel better.

This messenger service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can speak to a trained volunteer by texting this number: 85258

I hope these websites can help with your mental health related questions and provide the support you need. You should also talk to a teacher or parent if you are worried about your mental health.

  • Article by – Jasmine Lidher